Carlangas y Los Cubatas, Dillom, Alice Wonder, Putilatex, Doctor Explosión and up to 18 artists for a festive day of open access at Errekalde with Hirian thanks to Bilbao BBK Live . 

Hirian 2024 Rekalde Flyer

Hirian is back in Bilbao for its sixth edition on Saturday the 1st of June, this time celebrating live music in the streets of Errekalde, one of the city’s most distinctive neighbourhoods. Bilbao BBK Live festival’s traditional urban aperitif brings culture and diversity to a neighbourhood of the Biscayan capital each year; after Bilbao La Vieja, Deusto, Santutxu and Basurto, this time it is coming to Errekalde. Hirian, ‘In the city in Basque, will turn the streets and squares of the neighbourhood into a festive day of open access, with an avant-garde, eclectic musical programme open to all tastes. 

Some of the most contemporary names in music will grace the Hirian stages. The former leader of Novedades Carminha never ceases to amaze us and is coming with his new project, Carlangas y Los Cubatas, a mixture of disco and rock full of sixties influences. Argentine rapper Dillom has just released a highly acclaimed concept album with which he descends into hades. The singer and songwriter from Madrid, Alice Wonder, is proof of the generational shift in music and shows great progression in each of her tracks. Putilatex define themselves as an “electro-punk band from Albacete”, with two decades on stage under their belt; there’s no doubt that their show will be a great party. Psychedelic garage-rock band Doctor Explosión have never gone unnoticed, and even less so since they delighted everyone with their version of Julio Iglesias Soy un truhán, soy un señor. 

The explosive trio of DJs Coolnenas are revolutionising the dancefloors with their fun sessions. Euskoprincess create their own starsystem through their shows and their songs, packed full of energy, freedom, and flirtation. The most powerful and current Basque rock comes from Ezpalak. 

Germán y La Alegría del Barrio is the result of bringing together the seasoned Navarrese musician Germán Carrascosa with his band with its classic rock overtones. Drawing inspiration from hip-hop and French rap, HUDA takes elements from each style, interweaving them rhyme after rhyme, creating a personal style that leaves its mark. DJ Juguete, a reference of Madrid’s nightlife, is also joining the Hirian lineup. 

The riot grrrls Las Odio hold nothing back and their live show is always packed full of honesty and rawness.  Maren is a young artist from Bilbao and the Basque Country who will surely become a prophet in her homeland with her performance at Hirian. The young band Mirua from Gipuzkoa is characterised by their artistic restlessness and their desire to experiment with different musical styles, always with a contemporary vision. 

The singular Asturian musician Pablo Und Destruktion is a restless and unpredictable creator who is always worth listening to. Pipiolas from the Canary Islands form a duo that draws from different musical genres and enriches them with emotional and spiritual elements. Ruptura is an artist from Murcia who has collaborated with Natalia Lacunza and Belén Aguilera and who mixes pop and dembow into her sets, among many other musical genres. Considered as the producer “capable of creating some of the best sounds in Spanish urban music” according to VICE, $kyhook has consolidated his sound, beat after beat. 

Hirian is a project of Fundación Industrias Creativas which, together with Bilbao BBK Live, maintains its unwavering commitment to music, culture and diversity. This social project is consolidated with the aim of creating a unique experience that transcends the limits of the festival and becomes a catalyst for social change by promoting the participation of the entire population and adding value to the community it impacts. We would also like to thank the Bilbao City Council for their support, as without them it would not have been possible to hold this edition.

This year Hirian’s festive programme is coming to the streets of Errekalde. It will take place open air during the daytime on Saturday the 1st of June and with open access, as a preview of Bilbao BBK Live. The festival itself will be held on the 11th, 12th, and 13th of July at Kobetamendi and day tickets, passes and camping spots are already on sale at the festival web. 

Fundación Industrias Creativas

Fundación Industrias Creativas was created in 2020 with the aim of contributing to the development of culture as a basis for social transformation. It arises from the need to separate the purely business activity of the promoter Last Tour from those initiatives with a marked social character, and its main motivation is to promote culture. The main lines of activity are research, dissemination, training and collaborative projects, through which it makes its contribution to a more cohesive, fair, innovative, positive society, capable of looking to the future with imaginative solutions to the challenges to be faced.

Bilbao BBK Live

Bilbao BBK Live is one of the most important festivals on the Iberian Peninsula and in Europe, held every year in mid-July in northern Spain, in the Basque Country, with up to 12 stages, the most sought-after national and international artists and a privileged natural setting.

HIRIAN  Saturday, 1st June 2024  Errekalde, Bilbao    CARLANGAS Y LOS CUBATAS   DILLOM   ALICE WONDER   PUTILATEX   DOCTOR EXPLOSIÓN   COOLNENAS   EUSKOPRINCESS   EZPALAK   GERMÁN Y LA ALEGRÍA DEL BARRIO   HUDA   JUGUETE   LAS ODIO   MAREN   MIRUA   PABLO UND DESTRUKTION   PIPIOLAS   RUPTURA   $KYHOOK    #hirian   BILBAO BBK LIVE  11th, 12th and 13th July 2024  Kobetamendi, Bilbao  Tickets and passes available at:     #bilbaobbklive