Shygirl presents Club Shy, Stivijoes, Lewis OfMan, Alcalá Norte, Gabrielle Kwarteng, and Alba Morena join the festival.

Bilbao BBK Live, set to take place on July 11, 12, and 13 in Kobetamendi, has finalized its lineup for the upcoming edition. Today, the festival also reveals the schedule, stage distribution, and Bereziak programming—free morning events held in the city during the festival. Joining previously announced acts like Arcade Fire, Jungle, Massive Attack, The Prodigy, Underworld, Khruangbin, and Parcels are Shygirl presents Club Shy, Stivijoes, Lewis OfMan, Alcalá Norte, Gabrielle Kwarteng, and Alba Morena, while performances by JPEGMAFIA, Zoe Gotusso, and Bored Lord have been cancelled. Bilbao BBK Live promises an intergenerational journey through the sounds and icons that have shaped recent times.


As has been the case since the 2011 edition, not all the music will be heard solely from the heights of Kobetamendi. In the city, Bereziak is once again going strong, offering three days of free concerts for all audiences in different parts of the city center

The program kicks off on Thursday, July 11, with Martin Urrutia at Sala BBK, followed by a varied lineup on Friday, July 12, and Saturday, July 13, across three stages: Vueling Torres Isozaki, St. Petroni Jardines de Albia, and San Miguel Arenal. The latter will feature a musical bingo hosted by San Miguel, with a DJ playing hits between concerts, highlighting the greatest hits of Bilbao BBK Live.

Friday’s musical lineup will be eclectic, spanning the entire morning and early afternoon, and featuring Latin American electronic world music from Chancha via Circuito, urban R&B rhythms from Kyne and Oddliquor, indie rock staples La Habitación Roja, the irreverent Parquesvr, and the electrifying duo Repion.

On Saturday, July 13, the final day, the center of Bilbao will see the much-celebrated return of Nudozurdo, alongside electronic pop from Morreo, riot grrrls Lisasinson, 90s pop-punk comeback Samuraï, and catchy bars from Barry B and Teo Lucadamo.



Massive Attack, The Prodigy, Folamour (A/V), Cymande, Death from Above 1979, and Sen Senra were the first confirmed acts for the opening day of Bilbao BBK Live. These will be joined by the sophisticated French electronic group AIR, performing their classic album Moon Safari live, an album that, more than 25 years later, still sounds as timeless as it did when it was released. Additionally, Los Planetas will celebrate 30 years of their iconic Super 8 album with a special concert. Joining the lineup is Shygirl with her Club Shy, a project that will invite you to dance to the most cutting-edge sounds of electropop and dance-pop from an artist who is constantly proving her unique character.

Orbit will offer nostalgic tunes with autotuned vocals, Mezerg will fuse electronic and acoustic elements, and the Irish band NewDad will explore dark and dreamy alternative rock.

Joining the national lineup is the young sensation stivijoes, who is on an unstoppable rise following the viral success of his single “Terapia.” Previously, we learned about names like the fast and brutal band El Buen Hijo and the hope of Madrid shoegaze, Dharmacide. On this first day, we will also enjoy the Murcian band Nunatak with their epic folk rock, the extraterrestrial psychedelia of Martín de Marte from Zarauzt, and the Bilbao collective Nexo Malito, which will feature its founder ALTA and CRRDR, an honored guest from Bogota and a master of raves and Latin sounds.



The second day is headlined by the iconic artist Grace Jones, born in Jamaica and raised in New York. A symbol of the most extravagant underground, a regular at Studio 54, she seamlessly blends film, fashion, and music. Get ready for her at Bilbao BBK Live performing monumental dance hits like “Slave to the Rhythm” or “Corporate Cannibal.” Joining her are the first confirmed acts: Underworld, Khruangbin, Parcels, Jordan Rakei, or Ezra Collective, and high-energy live act MEUTE. The multifaceted Albert Pla, singer-songwriter, writer, musician, comedian, author (there’s nothing he can’t do!), will present his show “Rumbagenarios” at the festival. The Catalans Standstill, returning to Bilbao BBK Live after their 2015 disbandment, won’t miss the party. Rising stars like the young and revolutionary Aiko El Grupo and the essential band Karavana will also be there. The second day offers even more: be captivated by Cordoban artist María José Llergo’s “ULTRABELLEZA” or the Italian singer-songwriter Daniela Pes. Embrace the experimental pop of Ralphie Choo and the iconic celebrity, singer, and performer Samantha Hudson. Don’t miss the unique sounds of folk DJ Oro Jondo with his “gas station music” and the king of makina Parkineos.

Basque label artists are part of the festival’s DNA, and so there could be no absence of the Pamplona-based Melenas with their garage pop-psychedelic sound, the energetic EZEZEZ, the Lekeitio-based Silitia, or S T R, unique in their scene.



Joining the already announced Saturday lineup of Arcade Fire, Jungle, Alvvays, Floating Points, Noname, and El Columpio Asesino on their farewell tour, is the elegant electronic pop of the French artist LewisOfMan. In addition, we will have the essential Slowdive, with their recent album Everything Is Alive, and the most promising band from Northern Ireland according to the BBC, CHALK, creators of a DIY mix infused with techno and punk. The Icelandic duo Kiasmos will bring the perfect balance between ambient and electropop, and on the Anglo-Saxon side, the most viralized duo from the UK, Good Neighbours, will bring their acclaimed single Home (and much more). Joining the national lineup are the alternative rock band that everyone is talking about, Alcalá Norte, and the delicate pop of Alba Morena. The garage rockers Mujeres will pollinate all of Kobetamendi with their exaltation of rock and friendship, the Barcelonian Boye will bring his hedonistic anthems to the festival, and the Basque Oki Moki will present their characteristic lo-fi pop punk from the town of Guetaria. Bitxeando, Bilbao’s most successful indie afternoon event, could not be missed, with its godmother Inés Hernand at the helm alongside its founder, DJ Daniless, accompanied by David Van Bylen with his impossible mixes; thus adding different layers to a rich and diverse national lineup.


Bilbao BBK Live 2022 Basoa

Basoa features key figures from the international club scene. Thursday will see energetic sets from Dj Tennis, Irish DJ Cormac, and queer rhythmic mixes from Ketiov. Sofia Kourtesis will offer an emotional house DJ set, and local talent Neska,  creator of the multidisciplinary electronica parties, flora & fauna.

Friday’s offerings highlight innovative and compact talents like Marcel Dettmann, leader of the MDR and Bad Manners labels, along with Djrum’s smooth genre transitions. Ogazón will offer curated selections of house and techno; the stellar Parisian DJ Jennifer Cardini; and Dj Gostoso b2b Senda Fatal, two of the most dynamic figures in the Madrid club scene.

The closing of the festival on Saturday will be led by the almost mythical Nicola Cruz, bringing his evocative Latin American folk rhythms. Joining him will be the euphoric Bored Lord, straight from the vibrant Oakland underground scene, the fast and hot beats of Niki Lauda, and Budino’s master class in Italo disco. New Yorker Gabrielle Kwarteng, a DJ, radio host, and curator who has captivated Berlin’s Panorama Bar with her sets, also joins the lineup.

John Talabot was always envisioned for the closing of Basoa, this electronic oasis, since its creation. After 4 consecutive years of his now legendary ceremonial closings, which have become a religious experience for festival pilgrims, the DJ returns for a fifth and final time to Basoa, promising to turn the Kobetamendi forest into one of the most distinguished dance floors in Europe.


Lasai Bilbao BBK Live 2022

Lasai focuses on tempos below 100 beats per minute, creating an essential space for slow, intense beats. Rinse FM will curate Thursday The Lasai stage establishes itself as an essential stop for those who want to lower their revolutions and enjoy the masters of slow tempos and high intensities. The opening day’s program, curated by Rinse FM, will bring the most avant-garde sounds with Aletha, Yaw Evans, Facta & K-Lone, FYI Robyn, Ben Hauke, and Thrintian. On Friday, the enigmatic Xamana Jones will weave his magic for the third consecutive year (those who were at his previous sets know what we’re talking about); the creator of Fiesta x Fiesta Baldman; the stimulating Lucient; the legendary DJ and producer Toni Bass; and the eccentric podcaster and selector Miguel Agnes. On Saturday, the Berlin artist JASSS will be responsible for hosting Bilbao’s most special viewpoint, alongside Lydo, Nathan Micay, and Nazar.

The 17th edition of Bilbao BBK Live presents a carefully crafted lineup to fully enjoy each performance, allowing you to savor every moment, every note, and every concert in a privileged natural setting. This combination makes Bilbao BBK Live an essential event within this summer’s festival circuit, and it’s not just us saying that: Bilbao BBK Live has recently been awarded the prizes for ‘Best Communication Campaign’, ‘Best Main Festival‘, and ‘Best Live Electronic Performance’ at the Iberian Festival Awards.

The festival organization is committed, once again, to real and local sustainability. Last Tour has been a BCorp company since 2023, and belonging to this global community of companies with a positive social impact is a driving force for the festival’s internal transformation and continuous improvement.

Therefore, this edition will continue to emphasize the importance of raising awareness about accessibility, mobility, energy transition, inclusion, equality, climate change, and the urgency of protecting our natural environment. Sustainability is a strategic axis of Bilbao BBK Live.

The Bilbao BBK Live organization especially thanks the Bilbao City Council, which, together with the sponsors and collaborating institutions, makes this event possible.

Tickets are available for sale on the festival website and on Fever Up with the possibility of installment payments and camping.

TICKETS BILBAO BBK LIVE 11, 12, 13 July 2024 Kobetamendi, Bilbao   Thursday, July 11   Bereziak Sala BBK 13:00 MARTIN URRUTIA Kobetamendi Nagusia 18:25 STIVIJOES 20:25 SEN SENRA 23:00 MASSIVE ATTACK 02:00 THE PRODIGY San Miguel 17:45 DHARMACIDE 19:15 SHINOVA 21:35 AIR play ‘Moon Safari’ 00:50 LOS PLANETAS 30 años de ‘Super 8’ 03:35 FOLAMOUR (A/V) Beefeater 17:30 MARTÍN DE MARTE 19:20 QUERALT LAHOZ 21:55 JIMENA AMARILLO 00:55 MEZERG 03:30 NEXO MALITO presenta: CRRDR + ALTA Txiki 18:25 NEWDAD 20:30 CYMANDE 23:10 DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 02:10 SHYGIRL presents Club Shy Firestone 17:45 EL BUEN HIJO 19:25 ORBIT 22:00 NUNATAK Basoa 17:00 NESKA 19:30 KETIOV 22:00 SOFIA KOURTESIS dj set 00:30 CORMAC 03:00 DJ TENNIS Lasai Curated by RINSE FM 19:00 THRISTIAN 20:30 BEN HAUKE 22:00 YAW EVANS 23:30 ALETHA 01:00 FACTA & K-LONE 03:00 FYI ROBYN Friday, July 12   Bereziak San Miguel Arenal 12:15 PARQUESVR 13:45 LA HABITACIÓN ROJA 15:00 BINGO MUSICAL St. Petroni Jardines de Albia 13:00 CHANCHA VÍA CIRCUITO 14:30 REPION Vueling Torres Isozaki 14:00 KYNE 15:30 ODDLIQUOR Kobetamendi Nagusia 18:30 MELENAS 20:20 KHRUANGBIN 22:40 GRACE JONES 01:30 UNDERWORLD San Miguel 17:35 EZEZEZ 19:25 MARÍA JOSÉ LLERGO 21:30 PARCELS 00:05 MEUTE 02:50 OVERMONO Beefeater 17:30 SILITIA 19:25 STANDSTILL 21:35 ALBERT PLA ‘Rumbagenarios’ 00:25 RALPHIE CHOO 03:00 SAMANTHA HUDSON 04:10 ORO JONDO 05:30 PARKINEOS Txiki 18:30 KARAVANA 20:50 JORDAN RAKEI 23:00 EZRA COLLECTIVE 01:45 DERBY MOTORETA’S BURRITO KACHIMBA Firestone 18:00 STR 20:00 DANIELA PES 22:05 AIKO EL GRUPO Basoa 17:00 DJ GOSTOSO B2B SENDA FATAL 19:30 OGAZÓN 22:00 DJRUM 01:00 JENNIFER CARDINI 04:00 MARCEL DETTMANN Lasai 19:00 TONI BASS 21:00 MIGUEL AGNES 23:00 XAMANA JONES 01:00 BALDMAN 03:00 LUCIENT Saturday, July 13   Bereziak San Miguel Arenal 12:15 TEO LUCADAMO 13:45 BARRY B 15:00 BINGO MUSICAL St. Petroni Jardines de Albia 13:00 LISASINSON 14:30 NUDOZURDO   Vueling Torres Isozaki 14:00 MORREO 15:30 SAMURAÏ Kobetamendi Nagusia 18:25 ALCALÁ NORTE 20:15 EL COLUMPIO ASESINO 22:35 JUNGLE 01:30 ARCADE FIRE San Miguel 17:40 AIRU 19:20 ZEA MAYS 21:20 SLOWDIVE 00:15 KIASMOS 03:05 FLOATING POINTS Beefeater 17:30 OKI MOKI 21:30 LOS BITCHOS 21:30 LEWIS OFMAN 00:30 ALVVAYS 03:10 NERVE AGENT 04:30 BITXEANDO presenta: INÉS HERNAND + DANILESS + DAVID VAN BYLEN Txiki 18:30 GOOD NEIGHBOURS 20:30 MULATU ASTATKE 23:20 NONAME 01:45 MUJERES Firestone 17:45 BOYE 19:35 ALBA MORENA 22:00 CHALK Basoa 17:00 NIKI LAUDA 19:30 GABRIELLE KWARTENG 22:00 BUDINO 01:00 NICOLA CRUZ 04:00 JOHN TALABOT Lasai Curated by JASSS 19:00 NATHAN MICAY 21:30 LYDO 00:00 NAZAR 02:00 JASSS Venta general BONO PROMO 175€ Entradas de día: 75€ Camping 4 noches: 25€ Bono + camping: 200€ Venta en y Fever Up #BilbaoBBKLive