Vetusta Morla / Airu

Friday 12 July 2024

Pirineos Sur

Escenario Natural de Lanuza

Vetusta Morla y Airu actuarrán en Pirineos Sur
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Vetusta Morla y Airu actuarrán en Pirineos Sur

On Friday 12th, one of the most important indie bands of the last few years will come to Pirineos Sur for the first time. Vetusta Morla released their first album in 2008, ‘Un lugar en el mundo’, with which they changed the Spanish indie scene. Since then, they have not stopped releasing albums (‘Mapas’, ‘La Deriva’…) and songs (‘Valiente’, ‘Maldita dulzura’, ‘Copenhague’, ‘Cuarteles de invierno’…) that have already influenced two generations. They are about to release a new album and this concert will be one of the last before the break they will take for two years. Opening the night will be the promising Airu, who have just released their first album, ‘Con lo bueno y con pena’. The quartet from Bilbao fuses pop, indie rock and electronica in an outstanding way, finding a balance between guitars and synthesizers.

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